”Every time I see a journalist I run, nine out of ten times I catch up” – Petter Andréasson

Code of ethics

We practice the code of ethics issued by ICCO, The International Communications Consultancy Organization, and its Swedish branch PRECIS. These rules deal with professional secrecy in the role of a PR-consultant. In agreement with these rules we maintain total confidentiality with regard to our clients.

All employees and freelancers are covered by the confidentiality agreements. We take on the responsibility to inform every client if there would be a risk for conflicts of interests with another one of our clients.

Every employee also has the right to refuse an assignment that might conflict to the individual’s beliefs, without having to justify it further.

Want to take part in the industry's code of ethics? Email us at info@anpr.se, or call: +468-505 810 00 and we will send you a copy.