”Every time I see a journalist I run, nine out of ten times I catch up” – Petter Andréasson

How we work!

We accept both longer collaborations and shorter assignments depending on the needs of our customers. Each assignment is unique and tailored to a specific situation. Therefore, we often begin the assignment by creating a strategic PR-plan where we along with the client develop a messaging platform and plan the activities that will form the basis for the collaboration.

Naturally, we can also help with single assignments, such as developing a business presentation, arrange a seminar or distribute a press release. For every assignment we get, we provide a project team for consultation with the client. The project team usually consists of at least two consultants. When needed, additional consultants are added to the project.

Andréasson Public Relations constantly strives towards deliver the highest possible quality. If the client wishes, we can hire an independent research company to perform a quality evaluation of the collaboration.