”Every time I see a journalist I run, nine out of ten times I catch up” – Petter Andréasson

Petter Andréasson dresses up as an egg on World Egg Day

Andréasson PR are helping the industry association Svenska Ägg to launch World Egg Day in an unusual way. The agency’s CEO Petter Andréasson dresses up as an egg and the involvement of the agency is grand.

- We do everything for our clients, and don’t mind getting personally involved. To celebrate World Egg Day, we are spreading out all over Stockholm’s subway stations where we will hand out boiled eggs to the morning travellers - dressed up as eggs, says CEO Petter Andréasson.

World Egg Day was founded in 1996 and are celebrated in multiple countries. It’s celebrated in the second Friday of October.

For further information, contact:

Petter Andréasson, 070-752 22 25