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Svenska Ägg chooses Spenat and Andréasson PR

Svenska Ägg, trade association for companies in the Swedish egg industry, has selected two agencies for its next three-year campaign to increase the consumption of Swedish eggs. Andréasson Public Relations will manage PR-work and Spenat will stand for the advertising part in the campaign. The mission extends from January 2012 to December 2014.

Svenska Äggs previous campaign consists of, among other things, recipe cards in egg cartons with famous Swedish profiles like Blossom Taintion and Per Moberg.

- The campaign has been very successful and it actually made more people eat eggs. Now we want to keep building on what we have achieved during the last campaign and reach out even wider with the message that eggs are both “business and pleasure” in an unbeatable package, says Astrid Loven person, director at Svenska Ägg.

Andréasson PR's task will be to help Svenska Ägg to participate in the debate on the Swedish eggs advantages over imported eggs.

- In Sweden, we are ahead of other countries when it comes to animal care and better control. This is something that both the public and the decisions-makers must become more aware of. Therefore, we are increasing the proportion of PR in the campaign, says Astrid Loven Persson.

- We think it will be very exciting to strike a blow for the Swedish eggs. We have worked with the Bread Institute and informed about bread earlier and now it is time for the eggs, says Petter Andréasson, CEO and owner of Andréasson PR.

The advertising mission goes to the Karlstad-based advertising agency Spenat.

- When we talked to people on the street, we noticed that a lot of people needs to be reminded of how good, healthy and easy it is to eat eggs. Our task will be to communicate this in a surprising and engaging way to help to increase the sales of eggs, says Per N Lekemark, CEO and project manager of Spenat.

Project Group at Andréasson PR:
Helene Nilsson, Senior PR Consultant and Account manager
Hedvig Blext, PR Consultant
Petter Andréasson, Creative Advisor

Project Group at Spenat:
Per N Lekemark, Project manager
Sofia Forslund, Project manager
Mats Åstrand, Copywriter
Erik Nilsson, Art Director
Marjo Viitala, Production manager
Maria Grahn, Graphic designer
Helena Johansson, Graphic designer

For further information, please contact: 
Astrid Lovén Persson, Director at Svenska Ägg, Tel: 
Per N Lekemark, CEO and Project manager at Spenat, 054-12 05 08, 070-69 69 325
Petter Andréasson, 070-752 22 25 eller 08-50 58 10 07