”Every time I see a journalist I run, nine out of ten times I catch up” – Petter Andréasson

PR builds strong brands

Making your brand meaningful to your target group is vital in order to accomplish the business goals. Andréasson Public Relations works strategically and operatively with PR to create lasting values for our clients’ brands.

We help companies shape the public opinion, create attention, convince the world about their messages and arguments, nurture their reputation and show initiative in media.

To be heard and seen in the right context and in a positive and well-reasoned manner, such as in editorials, social media or at seminars and events, adds value to the business, values such as:

  • A stronger brand
  • Support for marketing and sales
  • Increased shareholder value

In order to, in the best way possible, build brands with PR we work with an integrated approach to communication that includes all of the company’s stakeholders: customers, the industry, co-workers, owners, the financial market, the government, organizations and the media.