”Every time I see a journalist I run, nine out of ten times I catch up” – Petter Andréasson

Improve your company’s internal communication
Improve your company’s internal communication


Develop a distinct company policy! Whether it’s by text, e-mail or phone, decide which type of communication should be used in urgent situations. Communicate what’s happening internally and externally on a regular basis at meetings, in e-mails or in newsletters and decide what the employees should and shouldn’t share about the company in social media.

What can Andréasson PR help you with?

We can provide strategic advice on how your organization in the best way can streamline internal communication to contribute to empowerment, job satisfaction and business benefits. All employees - and the external resources you hire - are ambassadors for the business and with a well-functioning internal communication you can reduce the risk of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. We can also help with writing comprehensible texts with a clear message.